Caribbean Calcite Tower- Relaxation, Contentment, Compassion

Caribbean Calcite Tower- Relaxation, Contentment, Compassion

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Caribbean Calcite Tower
Relaxation, Contentment, Compassion
Since there are so many colours and types of Calcite crystals, you may feel different energies with each variety. However, in general, the Calcite family is known for its uplifting and cleansing energies. Focus on Calcite when you want to absorb the positive lessons from your life experiences. It helps you get rid of those energies which no longer serve you. Incorporate the Calcite crystal meaning into your environment and let it cleanse and amplify the positive vibes of the space.
  • Beautiful Free standing calcite tower.

  • Each Crystal comes with it's own crystal intention/info card
  • Comes with a Two Libras velvet bag for protection when on the go and perfect for gifting
  • Every crystal is charged on White Horse Hill.

  • 4 x 8cm