10 New Moon Rituals to Help You Manifest Your Dream Life

10 New Moon Rituals to Help You Manifest Your Dream Life


You may be wondering what a new moon is. Scientifically speaking, the new moon occurs when the sun and the moon are aligned, the sun and earth are on opposite sides, meaning that the moon isn’t visible in the nights sky. It is the first lunar phase of the full lunar cycle and occurs approx every 29.5 days. From a spiritual perspective, the new moon is seen as a time of new beginnings, a time to become introspective and set your intentions for the coming month. Often thought of as the feminine moon phase it is a time to turn inward, hit the reset button and amp up the self care practices. Whether your a moon ritual pro or a newbie wanting to harness the powerful energies of the lunar cycle, we have put together this definitive guide of new moon rituals for you to experience and explore: 

Create a vision board 

Creating a vision board is a fun and creative process that allows you to visually piece together the things that you want to manifest into your life. There are many ways to create a vision board, you can either make a physical board using cut out imagery or you can create a digital vision board by collating images on Pinterest or if you’re tech savvy you can create a mood board style vision board on Canva. For a step by step guide on how to create a vision board check out our old blog post here.


Scripting is a powerful manifestation ritual that works with the principles of the Law Of Attraction to help bring your dream life to reality. This simple yet effective tool requires you to write out your intentions in the preset tense as if they have already happened. To help supercharge this process we recommend expressing gratitude for what you are calling into your reality, gratitude is a high vibrational feeling that can help you align more quickly with your desires. For a full scripting process check out this guide. 

Create some moon water 

You may be wondering what moon water is, it is simply water that has energetically been charged by moonlight. It is believed that the moons energetic potency is most powerful during a full and new moon so these are both great times to create moon water. This powerful water can then be used for a range of rituals such as watering the plants, using it in a bath ritual or cleaning your home. For a full guide on how to make your own moon water, check out this guide.  

Self-care ritual 

As this is a time for slowing down and turning inward it is a great time to show appreciation and gratitude for yourself by indulging in a self care ritual. Why not give yourself a facial massage using a Gua Sha, it a great tool for releasing tension, encouraging mindfulness and creating glowing skin to name just a few benefits. It pairs perfectly with the Palm of Feronia Deep Glow Facial Oil, which enables the gua sha to glide smoothly over your skin. You can out more about how to perform a gua sha facial here. 

Create an affirmation for the month ahead 

Affirmations are positive statements that you repeat regularly to help combat negative thinking and limiting beliefs. To create the perfect affirmation for you, simply set an intention and get clear on what it is you are currently working on manifesting. For example you may be wanting to manifest a new car, but you have limiting beliefs that you can’t afford one at the moment. A perfect affirmtion to overcome this limitation would be “I am so grateful that the funds to purchase a new car are coming into my reality.” Try to keep your affirmations relatively believable so that they don’t trigger too much resistance in your mind. Keep repeating your chosen affirmation regularly throughout the month to help reprogram your mind and align you more quickly with what you desire. 


Meditation is a great way for you to calm the mind and connect with your higher self. This practice works perfectly during the new moon phase as it is a time that encourages you to turn inwards. There are many forms of meditation you can try, including mindfulness meditation or transcendental meditaiton. If you are new to meditation and would like some guidance tune into our New Moon Guided Meditation which has been created to help you call in your manifestations. 

Charge your crystals 

Crystals pick up on the energies of their surroundings so it is always good practice to cleanse and charge your crystals on a regular basis to ensure that when you’re working with them they aren’t carrying any stagnant or negative energies. There are many ways to cleanse and charge your crystals but placing them under a new moon is really powerful. You can explore other ways to charge and cleanse your crystals here. 

Cleanse your home 

As the new moon is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings it can be a great time to give your home an energetic spring clean. This helps to remove any negative or stagnant energies and cleans up energetic space to help call your manifestations in. Cleansing your home can be done in a number of ways, smudging is a popular method which is done using Palo Santo, sage or lavender. Alternatively spritz your home with a crystal infused space mist which also helps to inject the energies of the crystals into your home. 

Take a bath 

Taking a bath is a great way to switch off, relax and unwind from the outside world. It is also a great spiritual practice that can help to connect you with the elemental energy of water, which represents the feminine and emotions. Take time out of your evening to indulge in some undisturbed me time. You can use your favourite epsom salts, candles or incense to help elicit your sense of smell. We have put together this spiritual bath ritual here to help get you started. 

Candle Ritual  

Taking part in a candle ritual is a great way to work with the powerful element of fire. Choose a candle that best aligns with the intention you are working on manifesting. For example if you are wanting to call in more abundance to your life, working with a Citrine candle will align with your desire. You can find out full candle magic ritual here. 

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