• 10 Self Care Ideas for Post Lockdown Life

    With some of the stricter lockdown restrictions being lifted here in the UK and with life slowly resuming back to the pre-pandemic norm we appreciate it can be a very difficult time for some. Over the past year we have all had to focus inward, making our homes our sanctuaries, and our self care rituals a priority. However, with work, social and life demands now returning back to a faster pace, it can feel really overwhelming. The first necessary step in accepting this new phase is to allow yourself to feel whatever it is that comes up. Whether you feel anxious, excited, overwhelmed, afraid or ecstatic, all of these feelings are valid. You may feel like the precious time you had to dedicate to your self care ritual is slowly slipping away. To help you still manage to find your moment of calm, be inspired by our quick and effective self care ideas below.