Hello! Welcome to Two Libras.

Two Libras is a lifestyle brand created by a mother, daughter duo who share the same birthday & star sign, Libra.

We created Two Libras for those seeking balance in the hectic, modern world. Our products are chosen to help bring moments of tranquillity to daily life. 

Our packaging is fully recyclable and plastic free. We'd love it if you could reuse your packaging where possible, in particular our glass candle jars. We NEVER test on animals and nor do any of our suppliers.

All of our one of a kind crystals have been cleansed and charged on White Horse hill, on the Uffington ley line. The white chalk horse was carved on the hill side 3,000 years ago for pagan ceremonial worship, it's beautiful and peaceful.
We love spending a day or an evening there with or with out crystals!

If you'd like some more information please contact us.

t: 01367243687


Balance your energy.