4 Self Love Rituals for Valentine's Day

4 Self Love Rituals for Valentine's Day

It doesn’t matter whether your relationship status is currently partnered, single or complicated, we all deserve to feel the love this Valentine’s Day. You may have heard the saying “you must love yourself before you can love another” while we don’t have the research to prove whether this is true or false here at Two Libras we do strongly believe that loving yourself (even when it's difficult) is always a good idea.  Loving yourself means accepting yourself fully and treating yourself with love, respect and compassion. If you are just embarking on your self love journey practising self care rituals that improve your wellbeing and nurture your mind, body and spirit is a great place to start. To celebrate Valentine’s Day we have created these four simple yet effective rituals that will help you tune into the frequency of self love… 

Take a self love goddess bath 

We are still in the depths of winter, so if you are looking for a ritual that will warm up both your body and soul then this may be the one for you. A goddess bath is more than just a regular bath, it is a spiritual practice. Start by making your bathroom a sacred space, you may wish to cleanse the room to remove any stagnant negative energies. Set the ambience by dimming the lights and may wish to light a candle. Start to run the bath and add your favourite epsom salts. These powerful salts help to detoxify the body and remove any impurities while cleansing your aura. To evoke your sense of sound put on your favourite calming playlist or you may wish to put on a healing frequency. Once you are submerged in the bath take the time to relax, you may wish to journal, read or sip on your favourite herbal tea to help you unwind. Once you are finished sit in the bath and allow the water to drain away, as you do this visualise any negativity or low vibrations being drained away from your body. 

Indulge in a self love facial massage 

If your preferred love language is touch then this self love ritual may be for you. There are many benefits to massage but did you know that self massage also helps to boost dopamine and seretonin aka our feel good chemicals, as well as combatting cortisol aka our stress hormone. If you want to reap the emotional benefits of self massage as well as achieve firmer, glowing skin then try using a Gua Sha tool as part of your self love facial massage ritual. Start by applying your favourite facial oil, serum or moisturiser to your face and neck before performing any of the below techniques. 

Forehead: Pull the skin tight with your free hand, use the flat side of the tool, run it along from your eyebrows up to your hairline in a gentle, slow, light pressured movement.

Cheekbones: Above the corner of your mouth pull the skin down to make it tight. Using the flat side of the tool scrape in a gentle upward movement from the top corner of your mouth up to your ear. Complete on both sides of your face. 

Jawline: Place your free hand on the centre of the cheek and pull the skin upwards. Using the ‘heart shaped’ end, place your jaw in the centre of the dip. Smoothly and gently drag the tool along your jawline up to the ear and repeat on the other side.

Show gratitude for yourself and the things you love 

It is no secret amongst the spiritual community that gratitude is powerful. Practising gratitude can help us to have a more positive outlook, raise our vibration and help us connect with the present moment. From a scientific standpoint expressing gratitude helps our brains to release dopamine and serotonin which are two chemicals responsible for making us feel happier. From a law of attraction perspective, harnessing gratitude expresses to the universe that you are happy for what you currently have in your life which in turn magnetises more of it to you. For this ritual take out your favourite notebook and you may wish to use a Rose Quartz Intention Pen. Take the time to write out a list of ten things in your life that you are currently grateful for, as you write tap into the emotion of how each makes you feel and allow the frequency to envelop your body. 

Share the love 

This is for all of the people whose love language is gifts! Don’t sit around waiting to see if your Valentine or Galentine spoils you with a gift this Valentine’s Day. Instead, take control and treat yourself to a gift. Our letterbox gifts are delivered straight to your door and contain everything you need to create calm, joy or love in your life. If you are feeling abundant why not also treat your best friend to one as sharing the love can help to put even more positivity out in the world which in turn will help to attract it back to you. 


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