4 Ways to Manifest More Love In Your Life

4 Ways to Manifest More Love In Your Life


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s hard to ignore the theme of love this month. Whether your relationship status is single, taken or its complicated there's always room for us to experience more love in our lives. Love in the broader sense doesn’t just refer to romantic love, it can also be experienced within our relationships with friends, family, pets and the world at large. Have you ever watched a beautiful sunset and felt your heart fill with love? Or sipped your favourite hot drink on a cold day and felt a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the experience? Love really is all around us and sometimes we just need to remove the obstacles that are blocking us from it so that it can flow freely again and we can experience it more in our daily life. To help you with this we have listed four simple ways in which you can manifest more love in your life. 

Create a manifestation list 

Most manifestation rituals will start by asking you to write down your intentions. There is a very good reason for this. Manifesting is similar to placing your order at your favourite coffee shop. You tell the barista aka the universe exactly what you want, including all of the specifics such as half fat milk, sugar syrup and a quarter shot of coffee. You then stand back and wait at the end of the counter for your drink to be served. You feel relaxed during this waiting period, knowing with confidence that your coffee is on the way. Then once the barista is ready your coffee is served. Manifesting love is really no different. For whatever loving experience you want to manifest you just have to get super clear and state to the universe exactly what you want to receive to the finest detail. That way the universe can work its magic behind the scenes and help to bring this dream to life for you. To manifest more love we encourage you to create a list of exactly what it is you wish to manifest. In the case of wanting to manifest a partner, we recommend getting out your favourite journal and writing out a bullet point list of every detail you want your partner to have. For example, they are kind, funny, generous, ambitious etc. As you get more detailed with your list also write down how this partner makes you feel, for example, they make me feel seen and heard, I feel excited and childlike when I’m with them etc. You may also wish to use our Rose Quartz Crystal Pen to write your list as Rose Quartz is believed to be the stone of unconditional love and will help you to connect more deeply to the energy of love. 

Affirm more love into your life 

Affirmations are positive statements that you can repeat on a regular basis to help reprogram your subconscious mind and overcome negative patterns and beliefs. When repeated frequently they can help to boost your self esteem and raise your vibration to enable you to vibrate at a higher frequency which is more in line with love. Take some time now to consider what is currently blocking you from love. You may wish to journal on this to help uncover some of your more deep rooted negative beliefs. To get started you can answer the following journal prompts, on a scale of 1 - 10 how much love do I currently have in my life? Which areas of my life do I feel a lot of love in? Which areas of my life feel like they are lacking love? What could I do to receive more love in my life? What positive beliefs do I have about love? What negative beliefs do I have about love? 

Once you have worked through these journal prompts you should have a clearer understanding of what is blocking you from love. Write these negative thoughts or patterns down in a list now. Next to each write a positive affirmation statement that counters this negative belief of pattern. For example, if your negative belief is that it doesn’t feel safe to be in love, write, I am safe to be loved. Or if your negative belief is that people always break my heart, write next to it my heart is strong and open and ready to receive love. Once you have finished creating your list of positive affirmations, read back through it and choose one that feels most resonant with you. Then every day when you first wake up say this affirmation out loud, you may even wish to look at yourself in the mirror while doing this. Then repeat it again three times throughout the day, and three times before bed. A great way to prompt yourself to do this is by carrying a Rose Quartz Crystal Wish Jar in either your pocket, handbag or purse. Every time you see or touch the wish jar use it as a prompt to recite your affirmation. 

Balance your heart chakra 

The chakra system refers to the seven energy centres of the human body. These are the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. When these chakras are balanced it allows the energy to flow freely so you can experience more peace, love and vitality. When the chakras are blocked it can affect both the emotional and physical body and cause symptoms such as stress, moodiness and disconnection from intuition. Of all the seven chakras the heart chakra is the one associated with love. When the heart chakra is open it will enable a sense of ease and flow in the area of relationships and more love can be experienced in all areas of life. When the heart chakra is blocked it can cause loneliness, low mood and can result in being trapped in negative relationship patterns. There are many things that can cause a blocked heart chakra such as part emotional pain caused by experiences such as heart break. To allow yourself to be open to love it can help to work on the heart chakra to ensure it is balanced. We have created this free guided meditation that works with the powerful crystal Rose Quartz to help balance your heart chakra to enable you to manifest more love. You can try it for free here. 

Show yourself some love 

One of the quickest ways we can experience more love in our lives is by giving ourselves love. When we cultivate self love it encourages us to take care of ourselves and align with more positive and high-vibration experiences. One of the fundamental principles of the Law of Attraction is that like attracts like. So if you treat yourself in loving ways then as per the law of attraction you will be an energetic match with people and experiences that feel equally as loving. There are many ways you can practice self love but one way to get started can be by treating yourself as you would your best friend. For example, would you ever speak meanly and tell your best friend they look fat? Our guess is that you wouldn’t, yet so many of us can speak this way to ourselves. Instead, try focusing on thoughts that are compassionate such as noticing the things about yourself that you do like. For example, either thinking or saying to yourself out loud when looking in the mirror ‘my eyebrows look really good today’ or ‘my perfume smells so beautiful I love that smell and deserve to feel good when I wear it’. Changing your self talk can be a great step in the direction of strengthening your self love. 

Another fundamental aspect of self love is practising healthy boundaries. As much as it can feel good to do things for others it is also important that we honour ourselves. For example, work may be asking you to work late every day and you feel as if you have no time to relax and unwind and do the things that help to energise you in the evenings. Over time this may result in you experiencing burnout or emotional imbalance. To honour your boundaries in this situation you may consider speaking to your manager and highlighting that you have been staying late every night which is impacting your emotional wellbeing, and then discuss if there are any solutions that can be implemented to resolve this. Setting healthy boundaries also helps to improve self esteem and confidence which in turn can result in magnetising our desires with more ease. 

On a more practical level you may wish to take some time out to focus on self care. This can look like treating yourself to a relaxing hot bath or having a massage or going for a walk in nature. If you want to indulge in a little R&R this Valentine's Day we have put together our Self Love Valentines Bundle which has everything you need to relax and unwind.
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