5 Easy Rituals To Manifest Abundance

5 Easy Rituals To Manifest Abundance

Although the word abundance is often thought of in the context of having a ton of money, energetically speaking abundance simply means to have an overflow of whatever it is you are calling in. For example, you can experience an abundance of love, health, happiness, connection or peace. The universe itself is abundant, it supplies us with an abundance of air and sunlight to name just a few things. So by tapping into the energy of abundance in your own life, you are aligning with the powerful and unlimited nature of the universe. To help you attract more abundance into your life we recommend practising the below rituals which will help you to create an abundance mindset that will help magnetise an overflow of love, money and joy into your life. 

Intention Setting Ritual - manifest the abundance you want 

The first step of any manifestation process is to get clear and intentional about what you desire. The process of manifestation is similar to placing an order at your favourite coffee shop. You have a look at the menu, decide what you want, place your order with the barista, and then wait patiently until the barista calls your name and hands you the drink. The process of manifestation is similar, firstly you need to get super clear on what you want to manifest, then set your intention (place your order with the universe) and wait patiently for your intention to manifest into your physical reality. To begin it is necessary to acknowledge and accept where you currently are in your life. Perhaps this involves logging into your bank accounts or checking your credit card statements to get clear on your current financial situation. Once you have done this, take a deep breath and sigh out any tension you may be feeling. Then complete the following intention setting ritual: 

  • Now you have acknowledged your current circumstances it is time to direct the universe. Begin by taking out a journal and pen and create a calming atmosphere for yourself. Perhaps you’d like to light some incense or play some soft music. Once comfortable, close your eyes for a few moments and mentally call upon your higher self. Once you feel you have connected with your higher self, open your eyes and begin to journal. In your journal date the top of the page with a future date, for example it may be one, three or five years from today. Then begin writing a journal entry from the present tense perspective as if you were writing on this future date. While writing let your imagination run wild, who are you spending your day with? How do you feel throughout the day? What foods are you eating? What are you doing for work? How much money do you have in your bank account? How are you dressed? Where are you living? Do not censor yourself and allow whatever comes through to be written down without judgement. Once you have finished, close your eyes and allow yourself to visualise this experience, really tapping into the emotions and sensations you feel as you go through your day. 
  • Once finished go back through your journal entry and highlight three things that feel abundant. For example perhaps you put down that you live in a five bedroom house, or perhaps you wrote down that you eat all organic food. Highlight the three things that if you manifested them would make you feel most abundant. 
  • Now turn these three things into intentions. For example if you wrote down that you have £100,000 in your savings account, your intention could be “I am so grateful that I have £100,000 in my savings account”. Create an intention for each of your three desired manifestations. 
  • Light a candle and stare into the candle flames. To really amplify your intention setting ritual you may wish to use a Citrine Crystal Intention Candle which helps to attract financial, professional or personal success. While staring into your candle flame say your three intentions out loud. While saying these intentions allow the feelings they invoke to flood your body and senses. Once you feel as if the feelings of these intentions have flooded your body blow out the candle flame and say out loud “and so it is”. 

Gratitude Ritual - align with the vibration of abundance 

The vibration of abundance may feel different to each person. Vibration refers to the emotional state you feel when you are in a state of abundance. For many it can be felt as excitement, gratitude, love, peace or joy. Close your eyes and imagine for a moment now that your dream life has come to fruition and you are currently living it. Witness and become aware of how that feels in your body. Make note of any emotions that you feel. One practice that can quickly elevate your vibration and align you with the energy of abundance is feeling gratitude for what you already have in your life. This is a great practice to do every morning when you first wake up to elevate your state for the day ahead. 

  • Take out a journal and pen. Write down 25 things that you have or have experienced in your current reality that you feel grateful for. These things don’t have to be anything elaborate. They can be as simple as being grateful for the fact you woke up this morning. As you write out this list really allow yourself to close your eyes briefly after writing each thing and tap into the emotion of how it makes you feel. You may feel tingly or may let out tears of joy during this process. Anything you feel is great, triggering this higher vibrational state of gratitude is allowing you to align with the positive energy of abundance. 

Identify your limiting beliefs - rewire your mindset to align with abundance 

A limiting belief is a thought or assumption that you believe to be true that is holding you back in some way. For example you may believe “I am not clever” and think this over and over again until it becomes part of your identity. You may then wish to apply for a promotion at work but decide to not even bother as you believe you “aren’t clever” enough for the role. Our minds are like a search engine, you put a search query into Google and then all the relevant examples come up in the search results. Your mind behaves in a similar way, if you think the limiting belief “I’m not clever” your mind works to find examples in your everyday life to prove that this is true, as the mind likes to be right. Many of our beliefs are stored in our subconscious mind, meaning we may not even be aware that they are running the show and dictating our lives. The first step to overcoming limiting beliefs is to first identify them, then go about the process of rewiring and reprogramming them. 

  • Take out your journal and pen and write down everything you believe about money. Don’t censor what comes up, just simply make a note of it. 
  • Once you have completed your list of money related beliefs go back through each and ask the question “is this belief true?” and “how is this belief blocking me from manifesting my desires?”
  • For any beliefs that are no longer serving you and are blocking your desires it is time to choose a new more supportive belief. For example if you believe that “money is evil” you may wish to instead adopt the belief “money is good and allows me to help more people and do more good in this world”
  • Use this list of new beliefs as affirmations that you repeat to yourself regularly. You may wish to write these mantras on post it notes and stick them up round your house, or create a phone screen saver with them on and repeat them to yourself regularly. 
  • Moving forward use mindfulness to witness your thoughts. Become aware of the thoughts that come up throughout the day. Notice when you are thinking the old limiting belief and simply witness it and let it go. Then instead think of your new positive belief, doing this repeatedly over time will allow you to start to reprogram and rewire your mind. 

Embodiment Ritual - become abundant now

One of the quickest ways to manifest abundance into your life is to embody it in your current life. Take a moment now to reflect upon how your most abundant version of self would live. Would you regularly go for massages? Would you dress in a particular way? How would you wear your hair? What would you spend your money on? What would you spend your time doing? As you become more clear on who your future abundant self is and how they spend their day start to assess your current life and identify practices you can adopt now that help you to embody your future abundant self in the present moment. 

  • If your future abundant self takes regular time out each day to dedicate to self care, take time out of your schedule now to indulge in a relaxing bath using your favourite Bath Salts.
  • Create yourself a nourishing meal using fresh ingredients. 
  • If your  future abundant self goes for regular facials, tap into the experience of this now by giving yourself a facial using a Gua Sha and Facial Oil.
  • Move your body doing a workout you love that helps you to feel healthy and strong. 
  • Wear clothes that make you feel your most abundant self.

Work with Citrine - help amplify your abundance manifestation 

The Citrine crystal holds the energy of abundance, positivity and success. Working with this powerful crystal enables you to tap into and harness these powerful vibrations so you can attract these things into your life. There are many ways to work with crystals such as: 

  • Wear a piece of Citrine Jewellery so that you are connected with this powerful crystal throughout the day.
  • Carry a Citrine Tumble Stone in your purse to help attract prosperity. 
  • Create a Citrine shrine or crystal grid on your work desk, find out more about how to create crystal grids here
  • Light Citrine infused incense or spray a Citrine Space Mist in your home or work space to help attract abundance.  
  • Drink from a Citrine Infused Water Bottle.
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