5 New Years Rituals To Manifest Your Best Year Yet

5 New Years Rituals To Manifest Your Best Year Yet

The start of each new year brings with it the energetic feeling of a fresh start, a clean canvas where you can start to create your dream life. Despite our best intentions oftentimes our new year's resolutions can lose momentum after only a few days, weeks or months of setting them. To ensure that in 2023 you lay the foundations to make sure all your dreams become a reality, whether that’s more health, love or abundance, we have put together these 5 simple rituals which will allow you to manifest your best year yet… 


Create your vision 

You may have heard the term vision board before but perhaps have never made one of your own before. A vision board in its simplest form is a visual representation of your goals. Back in the day it would have involved going through magazines and cutting and sticking imagery that represented what you want onto a board. Nowadays with the advancement of technology, there are many other ways to create a vision board, we’ve put together three of our favourites below. 

Pinterest Vision Board 

If you aren’t familiar Pinterest is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more. It is also a great tool for helping you to create vision boards. To create a ‘board’ of your own, simply sign up to Pinterest (or login) and search for images that represent the things you want to manifest over the next year. Then click ‘SAVE’ and create a board called ‘VISION BOARD’ (you can make this private in the settings so that it is for your eyes only.) Keep searching until you’ve filled your board up with lots of exciting imagery that represents your future goals. If you have a lot you want to achieve over the next year, you could create different vision boards for different areas of life, e.g health, relationships, career, etc. Once finished revisit your board as often as you like to help get you excited about the future you are creating. 

Video Vision Board 

In recent years video has become one of the most popular ways in which we consume content. Both Tik Tok and Instagram Reels are at the forefront of this trend and creators are constantly uploading inspirational content to these platforms. As you are scrolling save any Tik Toks or Reels that show someone living out something you’d like to experience. For example, if you are looking to call in a relationship in 2023, then save a video of a couple having fun together. Go back and rewatch these videos as often as you like and imagine that it is you living out this reality, allowing the feeling of excitement and gratitude to wash over you as you watch. 

Create an Online Collage 

Although it can be inspiring to create a physical vision board, depending on your living situation you may not wish to have others see your board. In this case, an online vision board could be a great alternative. One easy tool you can use to create your online vision board is Canva which is a free-to-use online graphic design tool. Once you’ve signed up you can create a new design, we’d recommend using the phone wallpaper dimensions. Then once you’ve opened up a blank canvas you can start to paste images in there that represent what you wish to manifest. Once you’ve finished you can download the final design and then save it as your phone background, so that you can connect with it on a daily basis. 


Candle Magic 

Intention candles can be used to help you set intentions and manifest your desires. Our intention candles are infused with crystals to help supercharge their manifestation potential. A great intention candle to perform your candle magic ritual with is our Citrine one as it represents new beginnings which is a perfect energy to work with as we enter into a new year. Perform your ritual in a calm setting where you won’t be disturbed. Create a sacred atmosphere perhaps by turning down the lights, or making herbal tea, do whatever feels sacred for you. Then start by closing down your eyes and steadying your breath, making sure the exhale is a little longer than your inhale to help relax your nervous system. Once you feel calm bring to mind the thing that you would like to manifest in 2023. Allow yourself to visualise it for a few moments and picture it playing out with your mind's eye. Once you have focused on your intention for a few moments you can reopen your eyes. Now stand in front of your crystal intention candle and light it. Say out loud what it is you wish to manifest and why, for example, “Dear universe in 2023 I wish to manifest financial abundance so that I can feel safe and can give more money to causes I believe in”. Keep your words short and to the point to ensure your intention is specific. Once you have finished say the words “thank you” outloud and then blow out your candle to complete the ritual. 


Burning Incense 

Throughout history, incense has been used as part of spiritual rituals. For this particular ritual, we are going to be burning incense to help manifest our goals and desires. We recommend using Amethyst Incense for this ritual as it helps to bring you clarity and calm which will enable you to set your intentions for the coming year. Set some time aside from your day to carry out this ritual, and ensure that you will not be disturbed. Start by taking out a journal and pen and writing out in free-form style all of the things you wish to experience over the coming year. Don’t censor yourself, just allow yourself to write down whatever comes to mind. Once you’ve finished and feel as if there is nothing more you would like to add read back over your list. Highlight any things that stand out to you that you know with complete certainty you would like to experience within your reality. Now light the incense stick, ensuring you are doing this in a safe way. As the incense stick burns allow yourself to get into a meditative state and visualise your intentions coming true. Continue doing this either until the incense stick burns out, or if you feel as if you have connected for long enough with your visualisation you can put your incense stick out. 


Moonstone Ritual to harness the power of the moon's energy 

Moonstone is a great crystal to work with as you enter into a new year. The energies of this powerful crystal represent change and are strongly associated with the full and new moon cycles which are some of the most potent times to manifest. For this ritual, we recommend using our Rough Rainbow Moonstone. Before you go to sleep at night we recommend holding this crystal in your hand and closing your eyes and focusing on what it is you want to manifest during the coming year. Holding the crystal will allow you to connect with the powerful energies of the crystal to supercharge your intention. Once you are finished place the crystal either under your pillow or on your nightstand, continue doing this ritual every night until your dream has manifested into your physical reality. 


Labradorite Ritual 

If you are entering into this new year without much clarity on what it is that you want to manifest in 2023 then we highly recommend performing this grounding Labradorite ritual. This powerful crystal allows you to connect with your intuition which can help you to overcome self doubt and can allow you to bring your gaze inwards so that you can dial out from judgement and comparison to connect with your truth. To do this ritual, first thing in the morning after you’ve woken up get into your favourite meditation position, whether this is seated or lying down. Hold your Labradorite crystal in your hand and close down your eyes. As you allow yourself to relax into a calm state, start to notice your breath as it enters and leaves your body. As you slip deeper into relaxation allow your breaths to get slower and longer. Once you feel as if you are fully relaxed, say either outloud or in your mind “higher self please show me what I should manifest in 2023 to serve my higher purpose”. Once you have asked the question allow your mind to detach. If any internal chatter arises in your mind simply notice it but do not attach to it. Continue meditating until you feel as if an answer has come to you. This can come in a number of ways, it can be an internal knowing, a stirring of emotion, a thought or something else. Whatever you experience trust in it and know it's your higher self communicating with you, this can look different for everyone. If nothing comes up for you during this particular meditation that is okay too. Perhaps a sign will come to you later in the day. You can keep repeating this ritual until you feel as if you have gained the clarity you seek. 

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