5 Rituals To Help You Survive Eclipse Season

5 Rituals To Help You Survive Eclipse Season

From a scientific perspective, a solar eclipse occurs when the sun, moon and earth are in perfect alignment. These astronomical phenomena tend to occur between two and five times per year. April 20th marks the first solar eclipse of the year followed closely by a lunar eclipse on the 5th May. From a spiritual perspective eclipse season encourages us to embrace new beginnings and transformation. It may be a time when repressed emotions from your past bubble up to the surface to be acknowledged and released. If embraced this potent energy can fast track you to the next chapter of your life. Radical change can also cause upheaval within our emotional world so we have put together these five practices so that you can not only survive but also thrive during eclipse season. 

  • Eclipse Water

  • You may have heard of moon water before, but did you know that eclipse season is one of the most potent times to supercharge your water? If you haven’t heard of moon water before, then essentially it’s a simple practice that involves charging water under the potency of the moon to harness the lunar energy. You can then use the water in a number of ways to help supercharge your cleansing and intention setting rituals. Here’s a simple eclipse water ritual that you can try at home: 


    1. Choose a container to hold the eclipse water

    When choosing a container remember that everything in this universe has its own unique energy. Therefore choose a container that reflects the energy that you wish to experience more of in your life. You may wish to use one of our Crystal Infused Glass Water Bottles. Amethyst is a great choice if you wish to manifest more calm and peace in your life, Citrine for more prosperity and Rose Quartz for more love.


    2. Prepare your water 

    Fill your container up with fresh drinking water. Then don’t forget to seal the container, this is a particularly important step especially if you later wish to drink your eclipse water.

    3. Set your intention 

    Now you have prepared your water, close your eyes and say out loud or in your head what your intention is for this water. For example “I intend for this water to help me manifest more prosperity”. You can place your hands over the water to help direct the energy of the intention.

    4. Place your container under the moonlight 

    During the eclipse either on the 20th April or 5th of May place your water either outside or on a window sill so that it can soak up the powerful eclipse energy. In the morning your water is ready and you can now use it to either drink, add to your bath water, water your plants with or whatever ritual you feel called to try.

  • Eclipse Bath

  • Spiritual baths are used by many as a way to help purify the mind, body and soul. This sacred practice enables you to work with the healing energy of water so you can cleanse away anything that may be blocking you from manifesting your intentions. Here is a simple eclipse bath ritual for you to try at home: 

    1. Start the ritual by drawing your bath and adding your favourite bath products, perhaps bath bombs or Epsom salts.
    2. Create a calming ambience for your bath and work to evoke your senses. You may wish to do this by playing calming meditation music or by lighting your favourite scented candle. 
    3. When ready relax into the bath and allow yourself to visualise your intentions coming to life. Tap into the feelings each intention evokes and allow these feelings to course through your body for as long as you can. 
    4. Once finished unplug the bath and as the water drains away visualise any blocks that were stopping your manifestation draining away too. 

  • Cleanse

  • As energetic beings we can pick up negative energy, this can be through thinking negative thoughts, repressing negative emotions or practising negative behaviours. During Eclipse season past negative energies may be brought to the surface to encourage you to work through them to release them from your life. One way to help release this negative energy is by having a cleansing practice. We have listed three of our favourite cleansing methods below: 

    1. Smoke cleanse sometimes known as smudging involves burning herbs to help cleanse the negative energy. Choose which herb you wish to work with, either Palo Santo or Sage and light it and allow the smoke to cleanse either yourself or your space. 
    2. Use a Space Mist, ours are crystal infused and created using essential oils. As you spray them you can repeat any affirmations you are currently working with. 
    3. Selenite is an extremely high vibrational crystal that can be used to cleanse your space. Simply place it in a room you wish to cleanse or put it in your pocket if you wish to cleanse your own energy and this powerful crystal will get to work. 

  • Meditate to balance your energy 

  • Eclipses are powerful energetic times and as such can heighten our emotions. To help balance our emotions it is essential to find practices that allow you to ground yourself and drop into your physical body. One great way to do this is to practice meditation or mindfulness. Allowing yourself to slow down the mind and witness your thoughts gives you the power to detach from any emotional charge you may be experiencing. If you prefer guided meditations we highly recommend working with this free Clear Quartz Guided Meditation to Balance Your Chakras and Energy we have created for you.

  • Release Ritual 

  • As important as it is to set intentions so that you can let the universe know which direction you wish to go in, it is equally important to release all that is no longer serving you to make energetic space for what you want to call in. To do this we recommend performing this simple ritual:

    1. Set your space and create a sacred ambience. You may wish to do this by cleansing the room you’re in with either Sage or Palo Santo. Or light your favourite incense or candle and put on some calming music. 
    2. Take out a blank piece of paper and pen. Write down all of the things that you believe are currently holding you back. This may be negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, actions you are taking or memories of past negative experiences. Continue writing until you feel as if you have written down all that you wish to release. 
    3. As you write allow yourself to feel the emotions associated with these past thoughts and experiences. Let the emotions move through you and if you feel as if the emotions are becoming heightened and overwhelming then allow yourself to breathe long and slow and focus your awareness on your breath to bring you back to the present moment. 
    4. Take the piece of paper you have just written on and destroy it. You may wish to do this by setting it on fire, dissolving it in water, burying it in the earth or shredding it. Pick whichever method feels the most healing for you. 
    5. Once you have finished take a moment to lie down and focus your awareness on your breathing to help you to ground back into your physical body and to connect with this present moment. 

    We hope you have found these practices helpful, we wish you a positive and life changing eclipse season. 

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