5 Ways To Cleanse Your Crystals

5 Ways To Cleanse Your Crystals



Whether you’ve just started working with crystals or are a seasoned pro, charging your crystals is an essential part of the process. When working with crystals it is believed they absorb energy. This can result in them storing negative energy. In order to return crystals to their natural state, they must be cleansed. It is advised that you cleanse crystals regularly, once a month is a good guideline for beginners. There are many different ways to cleanse crystals, we have summarised five simple and effective ways below.

  • Incense 

  • Using incense as a method of cleansing crystals is referred to as ‘smoke cleansing’. During this process, it is the smoke from the incense that cleanses the crystals. This method can be used as an alternative to smudging. Place the incense stick into a holder and light it. Once the incense is emitting smoke, hold the crystals one by one in the smoke for a few moments each to allow the crystals to be cleansed. This method is also great for cleansing your space. 

  • Water

  • Water is a great natural resource that can be used to cleanse crystals. It is said that water neutralises any negative energy that is stored within the crystals and helps to restore them back to a natural state. Ideally collect the water from a natural source such as the sea, a river, rain or a lake. Although if this is not possible tap water will also work. Put the water into a container and one by one place the crystals in. Allow each crystal to sit in the water for a minimum of a minute.

  • Smudging 

  • Smudging is a ceremonial act of burning specific herbs to remove negative energies, traditionally it has been practised by shamans and some Indigenous peoples of the Americas. It can also be used to cleanse crystals to remove negative energies that are stored within them. Choose a smudge stick to work with, the most popular are sage, palo santo or lavender. Place the smudge stick in an Abalone shell or metal bowl. Light the end and allow the embers to burn, this will start to release a cleansing smoke. Hold each crystal in turn in front of the smoke for a few moments each. Once finished carefully stub the end of the smudge stick out in the fire safe bowl. Always take caution when working with fire and smoke. 

  • Selenite 

  • Selenite is a crystallised form of gypsum, it is often transparent. It is a stone of purity and spirituality. This high vibrational, powerful stone is great for clearing energy, including the energy stored within crystals. If working with a selenite bowl, place the crystals in the bowl and leave them for a few hours to get the full benefit of the cleanse. Alternatively if working with a selenite wand or tower, simply place it on a flat surface and place all other crystals around it. Leave them here for a few hours. Even though selenite is thought to be self-cleansing, it can be recommended to also cleanse it regularly using another method to ensure it is fully cleansed. 

  • Full moon 

  • The powerful energy of a full moon is great for cleansing crystals. A full moon occurs roughly every 29.5 days so it also acts as a great reminder to cleanse crystals monthly. On the day of the full moon, just before it gets dark, lay all of your crystals outside if possible. Alternatively, they can also be left on a windowsill and can absorb the energy of the full moon just as effectively. Don’t worry if the crystals aren’t directly facing the moon, the energy is so powerful it can be absorbed anyway. Collect your crystals early the next day to avoid them getting damaged by sunlight. Some crystals such as Clear Quartz can crack if left in sunlight for too long. Now the crystals will be cleansed and back to their native properties so they can be used again. 

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