5 Ways to Manifest More Money 

5 Ways to Manifest More Money 

Whether you want to save for your dream holiday, or pay down some debts, attracting more money into your life may be high on your agenda for 2023. Despite our best intentions many of us often block money from manifesting in our life due to the limiting beliefs that we carry. We want 2023 to be your most prosperous year yet, therefore we’ve put together these simple five money manifestation rituals to help you to overcome your limiting beliefs to become a money magnet and make all your financial dreams a reality… 

Abundance Intention Setting Ritual 

Money is energy and therefore it needs somewhere to flow too. If you built a dam in a river it would block the flow of the water causing it to get stuck and some water may try to leak out over the river bank. Similarly, if you block the flow of money in your life it can also get stuck and sometimes spill out in places you don’t want it too, for example your car may break down and you then have to spend unplanned money to fix it. Therefore, to ensure that our money gets directed where we want it to, we need to get intentional about where we want to spend our money and what we want to allocate it to. We recommend doing an abundance intention setting ritual to help gain clarity on this. 

To begin, find a safe and quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. You may wish to burn some incense, light some sage, or spray some space mist to cleanse the room. Once settled, close your eyes and take 6 deep breaths to help relax your body and allow your mind to let go and settle into the present moment. Once you feel calm and centred take out your favourite journal and pen. On a blank sheet of paper write down all of the things that you would like to buy or pay for this year. Let your mind run free and don’t censor what comes up. Even if you feel as if that particular goal isn’t possible for you right now, don’t judge it, simply take note of it and keep going. Continue writing until you feel like there is nothing more you desire. Once you have finished take six more cleansing breaths. Now go back over each of the things that you have written down. For each, place your hand on your heart and ask your higher self, either in your mind or outloud, “do I truly want to manifest this on a soul level?” With your hand on your heart notice what sensations come up in your body. Do you feel expanded by the prospect of this manifestation coming into fruition, or does it feel negative in any way. Once you have been through your whole list using this process go back through any intentions that felt like a hell yes and highlight them. 

Turning to a fresh page in your notebook write each of these intentions out as a positive affirmation. For example you may have written down that you want to pay your £2000 credit card off leaving you debt free, for this you could write I am so grateful to have paid off my £2000 credit card off it feels so incredible to be debt free. Once you have your full list of affirmations, light a Citrine Intention Candle, citrine is a crystal that is linked with financial abundance. While staring into the candle flame repeat each of your affirmations either out loud or in your head. As you read them feel the emotions within your body as if they have already manifested. Allow yourself to bask in the feeling of gratitude and joy. Once you have finished reciting your list of affirmations close the practice by saying the words “and so it is” and blow out the candle. If you feel called to you could continue reading your affirmations into the candle flame on a daily basis to help reinforce these ideas in your subconscious mind. 

Prosperity Meditation 

Meditating is a great way to relax our conscious mind and connect with our higher self. This can be really beneficial when manifesting money as our limiting beliefs can often block our money manifestations from actualising. To help you to identify and overcome these limiting beliefs we have put together this free guided meditation. This powerful yet short meditation connects with the powerful crystal Aventurine to help you manifest more prosperity. This Aventurine Guided Meditation is especially helpful if you're feeling like you have blocks around money and struggle to manifest financial abundance.

Feng Shui To Attract More Wealth 

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that involves arranging buildings, objects, and spaces to help achieve a harmonious and balanced environment. One of the goals of Feng Shui is to create more positive chi in your home to ensure that the energy in your home aids your manifestations rather than blocks them. Feng Shui can be used as a powerful tool to help you to attract more wealth and abundance into your life. A way that you can adopt this practice in your own home is by placing citrine crystals in the following areas, on your desk, in your purse or in your wealth area. A Bagua map is used within feng shui to help determine the different energetic areas of your home, one of these areas is called the wealth area. To find the wealth area in your home stand at the front door of your home and look in, from this position locate the far left corner, this is your wealth area. Place a citrine crystal here to help attract more wealth. 

Ease Money Worrys 

As money is energy, in order to attract more of it into our lives we need to become a vibrational match for it. If we want to attract more money than we currently have we need to raise our vibration. When we stress about money it can often negatively impact our vibration. Feeling worried, anxious, fearful or angry towards money will lower your vibration and create more energetic distance between you and the financial abundance you desire. One way to help ease yourself and release some of this negative energy when these emotions come up is by rubbing a Worry Stone. The action of rubbing the crystal worry stone helps you to connect with the present moment and detach from any negative thoughts of emotions. Our Moss Agate Worry Stone focuses on the energy of abundance, balance and calm and is a great aid for helping to overcome money worries. 

Manifest using water 

Our bodies are made up of approx 70% water, therefore harnessing the element of water within our manifestation practice can be really powerful. From a spiritual perspective, water is also associated with being a symbol of divine generosity and healing. This simple water manifestation technique can allow you to overcome blocks around money and manifest your financial dreams. 

Start by taking a glass water bottle and filling it with high quality drinking water. We recommend using the Citrine Glass Water Bottle as it is a crystal that is believed to attract wealth, prosperity and abundance. Start by writing out a list of money affirmations that resonate with you in your favourite journal. For example I am a money magnet or money flows to me easily and effortlessly. Once you have finished writing out your affirmations, hold your glass water bottle and read these affirmations out loud. As you sip the water from this bottle throughout the day reflect upon these affirmations and allow yourself to tap into the positive energy and feelings they create. 

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