6 Powerful Manifestation Rituals

6 Powerful Manifestation Rituals


As human beings, whether consciously or unconsciously we are constantly manifesting things into our lives. One way to help steer our lives in the direction of our dreams is by becoming intentional manifesters. For those who are new to the concept of manifestation, it means creating something from an idea to physical reality. For example, if you wanted more money in your life you could intentionally decide how much you would like to receive and then use the power of your mind to visualise that amount coming into your reality. One way to ensure that you are consciously manifesting is by setting time aside to carry out a deliberate ritual. These sacred rituals are designed to help you make your dreams a reality quickly and intentionally. To help you on your manifestation journey we have put together these six simple yet effective rituals to help you become a master manifester with ease… 

  • Visualisation Ritual 

  • The Law of Assumption is a powerful spiritual law that states in order to manifest our dream life we must assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. To help magnetise your manifestations quickly, you must become a vibrational match for them. For example, if being in your dream relationship would make you feel, happy, fulfilled, excited and loved, then you can tap into these emotions in the present moment to help you align with the vibrational frequency of this physical reality. To try this powerful manifestation technique for yourself, simply allow yourself to get into a relaxed state. We also recommended holding a crystal such as Citrine or Clear Quartz in your left hand, which is believed to be your receiving hand. To relax your nervous system complete six rounds of the following breathing pattern, two short inhales through the nose, followed by one slow exhale through the mouth. Once your energy feels settled close down your eyes and get yourself into a comfortable position, whether that’s seated or lying down. Now bring to mind a vision of the thing you want to manifest. Experience it as if you are living it. Tap more deeply into this experience and connect with your senses, what do you hear, is someone speaking to you, are you speaking? What can you see? Is there a particular smell that arises as this vision plays out? What does the air feel like, is it hot, is it cold? Is there anything you can taste during this visualisation? Now finally connect deeply with the way this scene makes you feel, what emotions does it arise for you? Allow those feelings to saturate your whole body, and hold these feelings for as long as you can until you feel as if you have embodied them. When you are ready return back to your body and the present moment. Allow yourself to let go and relax, secure in the knowledge that by completing this ritual you have brought yourself one step closer to this manifestation materialising in your physical reality. 

  • Candle Magic 

  • Candle magic is a spiritual practice that allows you to connect to the transformative element of fire. Each of the elements fire, air, water and earth are great to work with as part of your manifesting rituals. Fire is great if you feel as if you need to blaze through any blocks or limitations that are separating you from your manifestation, it can also inspire you to take aligned action to help bring your manifestation to fruition. To create your own candle manifestation ritual you will need a pen, paper, a candle and something to light your candle with. We recommend amplifying your candle magic ritual by using a crystal infused candle as the powerful energies of the crystal will help to magnetize your manifestation to you. Choose a crystal that aligns with your manifestation. For example Citrine for abundance, Rose Quartz for love and Malachite for transformation. Start the ritual by writing down on paper what it is that you wish to manifest. Then light your chosen candle. Stare into the candle flame and allow yourself to drop into a meditative state, once you feel connected to the candle, read your manifestation out loud. While continuing to stare at the candle flame visualise your specific manifestation coming to fruition, tap into how it will feel once this manifestation shows up in your physical reality and embody the vibration of these feelings for as long as you can. Once finished snuff the candle out, this represents the art of letting go of your manifestation and releasing the control to the universe. 

  • Scripting 

  • Scripting is a powerful manifestation tool that uses the principles of the Law of Attraction and allows you to magnetize your desires into your physical reality. It is a simple tool where you write out your manifestation in the present tense. It is particularly effective for those who struggle with mental visualisation, as scripting helps to focus the mind and allows you to tap into your imagination in a different way. To start the ritual allow yourself to get into a relaxed state, you may wish to play music that taps into the energy of what it is you want to manifest. Choose a blank notebook and pen that feel sacred to you. Start your scripting entry off with “Dear universe, thank you so much for all that I have and for helping me to co-create my desires into reality”. Then begin writing as if it is a journal entry from your future. For example, say that you want to manifest £1000 by October, you could write. “Its a crisp autumn day in October, I am sitting in my favourite cafe with a pumpkin latte and have just logged into my online banking. I can smell the comforting aroma of pumpkin and the jumper I’m wearing feels cosy and comforting on my skin. I can hear the muffled conversations of people around me, everyone seems to be in a positive and uplifted mood and there is a feeling of excitement and anticipation in the air. As my online banking statement appears on my phone I am overcome with feelings of joy and gratitude as I see the figure of £1000 in my checking account.” When scripting it is important to tap into the sensory experiences of this manifestation as well as the feelings that it evokes. A particularly powerful time to do a scripting ritual is during a new moon, a time when the energies of manifestation are enhanced. 

  • Manifestation Elixir 

  • Another powerful element to work with to help bring your manifestation to life is water. Working with the element of water is great for creating transformation in your life in a way that feels flowing and feminine. An elixir is a magical potion that in the case of this specific manifestation ritual is created using water and crystals. To complete this ritual you will need a water jug, a drinking glass and crystals that align with your desire. Start by pouring drinking water into a jug. Then place your chosen crystals into the jug of water and check beforehand that the crystals are safe to be put into water. While staring into the water, speak out loud your manifestation in the present tense, for example “I am so grateful that I have received £100”. Then place the jug of water into the fridge for four hours to allow the energies of the crystals to infuse the water. Now pour the water into a drinking glass, but leave the crystals in the jug. As you drink the water, visualise what it will feel like when your manifestation comes to fruition in your physical reality. 

  • Spiritual Bath 

  • Another powerful manifestation ritual that taps into the powerful elemental energies of water is having a spiritual bath. This ritual helps to cleanse the mind, body and soul and allows you to release any resistance that may be blocking your manifestation. Start the ritual by drawing your bath and adding epsom salts, these help to detoxify the body, ease tension and balance your energy. Choose a crystal that is an energetic match for your manifestation and place it in the bath, be sure to check first that the crystal is safe to put in water. When ready relax into the bath and allow yourself to visualise your manifestation coming to life. Tap into the feelings this evokes and allow these feelings to course through your body for as long as you can. Once finished unplug the bath and as the water drains away visualise any blocks that were stopping your manifestation draining away too. 

  • Guided Meditation 

  • If you struggle with visualisation we recommend a guided meditation manifestation ritual. Meditation is a great tool to harness as it allows you to focus the mind in a conscious way on what it is that you desire. There are many free guided meditations you can find online, particularly on YouTube. We have created a free guided meditation that taps into the powerful energy of Malachite and allows you to bring about transformation into your life, it can be found here

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