How to make and use moon water and why it’s so powerful

How to make and use moon water and why it’s so powerful


The moon is powerful and magical in equal measure. From a scientific perspective it controls our tides and stabilises the earth. From an astrological perspective the moon represents feminine energy and rules emotions and feelings. So it is hardly surprising that as humans it is beneficial to harness the power of the moon. One of the easiest ways to do this is by making moon water.

Why should I make moon water? 

Moon water is a phenomenon championed by astrologers, mystics and witches, however it is now becoming more mainstream, even celebrities like Victoria Beckham swear by it. It is a simple practice that involves charging water under the potency of the full moon to harness the lunar energy. Once you have collected your moon water it can be used in a number of ways to help enrich your daily life with the power of the moon. 

When should I make moon water? 

It is widely agreed that a full moon is a great time to make moon water. Although you can make moon water at any time during the moon cycle. The only time it is not advised to make moon water is during eclipses, as eclipse energy overpowers lunar energy and it can unearth our shadows which are better released then harnessed. It is also good practice to note which sign the full moon is in as this will affect what the energy is of that particular moon. For example during a Libra full moon the energies revolve around fairness, balance and bringing harmony to our relationships. Refer to this full moon calender to establish when the next full moon is and what sign it is in. 

How to make moon water? 


  1. Choose a container to hold the moon water

When choosing a container, pick something that reflects the intentions you want to set. Perhaps your favourite mug with the words ‘Boss Babe’ on reflects the intention for success you have set. Or perhaps a pretty and luxurious crystal glass tumbler more reflects your mood. If you really want to supercharge your moon water use one of our crystal infused Glass Water Bottles. The Rose Quartz is great for allowing you to embrace and love your true self, while Citrine is great to work with if you need some positivity and optimism. Or try Amethyst which is known as the master healer and can help to soothe your soul with clarity and calm.


  1. Surround your container with crystals 

Crystals are great for charging your water with their specific energies. Choose crystals that best align with your intentions. For example if you are currently going through a negative situation, perhaps the protective properties of Black Tourmaline could help. Or maybe you are trying to hit a specific financial goal, in which case Opalite would be great to work with as it helps to attract wealth and success. 


  1. Seal your container 

This step is important particularly if you are planning on drinking your moon water as it will protect your water from becoming contaminated with flies or any other of nature's creatures.


  1. Set your intention 

Now you have prepared your water, close your eyes and say out loud or in your head what your intention is for this water. For example “I intend for this water to improve my self worth”. You can place your hands over the water to help direct the energy of the intention. 


  1. Place your container under the moonlight 

Do this step overnight and during a full moon, if you want to harness the moon's most powerful energies, place your container outside and directly under the moon's glow. If logistically you don’t have an outside space to charge your water, then place it on a window sill which will still allow the moon to work its magic. When you wake up in the morning the moon water will be ready to use. 

What should I do with my moon water? 


  1. Clean your home with it 

Simply add your moon water to cleaning solutions to help aid the energetic cleaning of your home. 


  1. Water your plants with it 

Show your plants some love by treating them to some moon water, it is believed it can help to revive their energy. 


  1. Use it during your bath rituals 

Bath rituals are sacred acts of self care, add your moon water to your next bath to allow you to connect more deeply with the lunar energies.


  1. Drink it 

Be sure that your water has not been contaminated and is safe to drink before consuming. Drinking the water enables you to reap the benefits from the inside.


  1. Cleanse your crystals with it 

Water cleansing is a great way to recharge your crystals and the potency of the moon water will help to amplify this process. First check that your crystals are able to be cleansed using water. 

We hope you enjoyed this guide and let us know in the comments below what you used your moon water for!


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