Lucky Girl Syndrome: 5 Rituals To Manifest Your Dream Life

Lucky Girl Syndrome: 5 Rituals To Manifest Your Dream Life


If you’ve been scrolling through Instagram or Tik Tok lately you may have noticed something popping up time and time again called ‘lucky girl syndrome’. This new manifestation craze is born using the principles from the Law Of Assumption, which state that if we assume something to be true, we will manifest it. Based on these teachings it is recommended that to harness lucky girl syndrome you must first assume that you are lucky, then you will begin to experience more luck in your physical reality. Although this may sound simple and too good to be true there are many benefits to embodying the positive vibration of luck in your life, it will help to raise your frequency and align you with people, places and outcomes which vibrate at a similar high vibration. So that you can try lucky girl syndrome out within your own life we have collated these five rituals to help you embody the energy of luck so you can manifest your desires with ease… 

Ritual One: Water Affirmations 


In 1994 Japanese scientist and water researcher Dr Masaru Emoto conducted an experiment where he assessed how water reacts to both positive and negative words. During his study, he exposed different water samples to different phases. He said positive phrases such as “thank you” or “I love you” to some samples. While with other samples he said negative phrases such as “I hate you”. He then froze each of the samples and later went back to assess what shapes each sample had created. The samples that he spoke positive words to formed pretty, aesthetically pleasing formations. Whereas the samples he spoke negative words to formed shapes that were distorted and less aesthetically pleasing. He believed his experiment highlighted the importance of speaking positively to ourselves as we are made up of roughly 60% water. To work with this theory you can speak positive words or affirmations into your water before drinking it. For example, you may wish to take out your favourite Crystal Water Bottle and fill it with fresh drinking water, then before drinking it, stare into the water and repeat the affirmation “I am lucky” ten times. Once you have finished continue to drink this water throughout the day, whenever you do continue to repeat the mantra “I am lucky” in your mind and visualise lucky things happening to you. 


Ritual Two: Meditation 


The majority of our limiting beliefs are stored in our subconscious mind. Some beliefs that are stored here can sabotage us from experiencing luck in our lives, beliefs such as “nothing ever works out for me” or “I have the worst luck”. It is believed that the subconscious mind is responsible for up to 95% of our brain power, therefore it is really important to bring awareness to these beliefs and reprogram them. A tool that can be used to help reprogram limiting beliefs that are stored in the subconscious mind is meditation. Once we are in a relaxed state during meditation our subconscious mind becomes more susceptible to reprogramming. We have created this free Lucky Syndrome Guided Affirmation Meditation which helps to improve your self concept to allow you to be your most magnetic self. You can access it here. 


Ritual Three: Scripting affirmations 


Another tool that can be used to reprogram your subconscious mind to combat negative beliefs is scripting affirmations. Scripting is a popular manifestation technique that requires you to write down what you want to manifest. To harness this tool to achieve lucky girl syndrome we would recommend the following ritual. Take some time out of your day when you won’t be disturbed. Create a sacred space for your ritual by lighting a candle or incense and playing some relaxing background music. Before beginning you may also wish to cleanse your space with Palo Santo to remove any negative energy. Once you are ready sit down in a comfortable position and take a few moments to mindfully breathe in and out. Notice your breath as it enters on the inhale and as it leaves your body on the exhale. Once you feel relaxed take out your favourite pen and journal. You may wish to use a Crystal Pen to help supercharge your intention. Write down the affirmation “I am lucky” three to nine times in your journal, as you write visualise what it would be like to experience more luck in your life. You may wish to repeat this ritual a few times throughout the day to help further reinforce this new belief. 


Ritual Four: Carry crystals 


There are thought to be many benefits to carrying crystals with you throughout the day. Crystals are believed to interact with your body's energy field and can help you to tap into the unique properties of the crystal. For example, Citrine is a crystal that carries the vibration of confidence, new beginnings and optimism, therefore by working with it you can connect with these energies. To help you to connect with the energy of lucky girl syndrome we have created the Lucky Girl Crystal Kit which includes an Amazonite, Citrine and Malachite. We recommend carrying one or all three of these crystals with you throughout the day and holding them when you can and repeating the mantra “I am lucky” in your mind as you hold them. 

Ritual Five: Mirror work 


Mirror work is a healing technique that was popularised by Louise Hay, it involves gazing at yourself in the mirror while repeating positive affirmations. This process aims to help you overcome your inner critic to enable you to improve your self concept which will help to increase your magnetism so you can manifest your desires faster. To use this tool to help you become luckier we recommend the following ritual. Take three to five minutes out of your day and stand in front of a mirror. Look directly into your eyes in the mirror and continue to repeat the mantra “I am lucky”. Either set a timer for a specific amount of time or continue repeating this mantra for as long as you wish. Continue this practice for up to two weeks to help reinforce this new belief. 





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