Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2022

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2022

Mother’s Day is a great day to celebrate and honour the women in your life. Whether you want to give thanks to your mother, grandmother, best friend, aunt, neighbour or any other significant woman in your life, we have got the perfect gifts to show them you care. Did you know that Two Libras is a mother-daughter founded brand? Get to know our founders Megan and Karen a little better: 

“I am responsible for product development at Two Libras and have a background in fair trade/sustainable sourcing, I work closely with suppliers to make sure our supply chain is ethical. I still work for Oxfam working with suppliers and producer groups in places like Bangladesh, India and Nepal to create lovely products to sell in Oxfam shops. I am super passionate about working with small producer groups, especially ones that allow women to have financial independence. My first crystal was some pyrite that my mum and grandad buried on the beach with a treasure map. I always thought my grandad was a pirate because he had lots of tattoos.” - Megan

“Meet Karen aka mum, she is super creative and crafty, she is actually an amazing potter and topiary keeper! She has always had crystals and different talismans around the house when I was growing up. She has just started to work for Two Libras part-time and for the rest of the week, she is a support worker for people with learning disabilities. She is very caring and always helps people when she can. She makes the candles for us and now packs up all the orders and dispatches them.”

Our bestselling, signature Crystal Intention Candles have been hand poured with love in Oxfordshire. These 100% soy candles are each adorned with a one of a kind crystal, which has been cleansed and charged on White Horse Hill, on the Uffington ley line. The white chalk horse was carved on the hillside 3000 years ago for pagan ceremonial worship. 

This water bottle is not only beautiful and sustainable but it's also believed that the crystals will permeate the water with their energy. The amethyst infused bottle helps to enhance control of our emotions, promoting a balanced mind. 

Treat your mum to a warm bath with our Luxury Bath salts. Place the crystal into the bath with a scoop or two of our bath salts. If your mum is looking for something relaxing to listen to while enjoying her soak, we'd recommend playing our Rose Quartz Meditation, which helps to enhance self-love. 

Treat your mum to breakfast in bed. Cleanse the space with one of our crystal infused, essential oil, space mists. Simply mist the space while repeating the intention you are setting, e.g “with this mist I create a calming atmosphere”. 

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