The Taurus Season Gift Guide

The Taurus Season Gift Guide

We’ve just entered Taurus season on the 19th of April and as we leave behind the more action, fiery energy of Aries season, we are embraced by the grounded, earthly energy of Taurus. This Taurean energy will be affecting us all until May 20th but if your sun, moon or rising sign is in Taurus then you may be feeling the impact of these energies even more potently. So what can we expect energetically during this season? It is a time to show strength and stamina and to build the foundations of what it is you would like to manifest. You may feel as if you can concentrate more and persist in a calm and grounded way on any tasks at hand. There is also a sensual and lusty element to this energy which encourages you to tap into your feminine energy and attune to your senses of touch, taste and smell. Taureans are the most likely to have a cosy and cute home, filled with little luxuries that arouse the senses (think scented candles and plump cushions.) Whether you are a Taurus and fancy treating yourself, or you may be buying for a Taurean you love, find the perfect gift in our Taurus Season Gift Guide…




Our range of crystal infused intention candles are perfect for any Taurean. Not only do they create a cosy atmosphere but the delicious blended fragrances used are sure to evoke the senses.




Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus which is the planet of love and beauty. A luxurious gold plated necklace featuring a dainty Rose Quartz crystal is the perfect mix of beauty, style and love.




Taureans love their rest, these Mulberry Silk Heatless Curlers will allow them to come out of their beauty sleep looking and feeling their best. Plus they will really enjoy the softness and sensuality of the silk.



A space mist will allow them to keep the vibes high in their space while also evoking the senses with the blend of alluring essential oils.




Taureans are the most renowned star sign for loving a self-care bath ritual. Help them to make their bath experience even more luxurious with this Rose Quartz Mini Bath Bomb Gift Set.



Epsom bath salts are meant to evoke calm which is a perfect accompaniment for the grounded Taurean energy. Infused with opulent Rose Geranium, Petitgrain and Vetiver oils these bath salts are sure to be an indulgent treat for the senses.



Personalised especially, this cute little Natural Zodiac Lipbalm will help to remind your favourite Taurus how kind, passionate and patient they are.



The Tigers Eye crystal is great for helping to promote inner strength, stability and calm. Energies that resonate well with those that are instinctual to the grounded Taurus.



Incense not only creates a calming atmosphere with its cleansing properties but also ignites the senses. Created using pure essential oils the glowing embers smoulder and release a balancing fragrance.



Taureans enjoy touch and love massages. This Gua Sha is the perfect tool to allow them to self-massage from the comfort of their own home.


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