The Ultimate Goddess Bath Ritual

The Ultimate Goddess Bath Ritual

Is it just us or have the energies of 2024 felt intense so far? As we reach the halfway point of the year you may be looking for a way to cleanse your mind, body and soul and hit the energetic reset button to start the second half of the year with a clean slate. If this is the case then why not try a goddess bath ritual? This sacred soak is traditionally curated using flowers, essential oils and bath salts and aims to purify any negative or stagnant energies leaving you feeling more peaceful and grounded. 

The symbolism of ritual baths 

The element of water is considered powerful in many spiritual traditions as it is believed to purify, heal and transform. It also represents strength and resilience in that water continues on its path and moves around obstacles. Water has also been considered a symbol of the Divine Feminine and our emotional body it also has a close affiliation with the moon as the moon governs the tides and the water bodies on earth. 

The history of water baths 

A range of ritualistic baths have been featured throughout history, one of the most notable is Cleopatra the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt’s milk and honey ritual bath that was believed to have kept her skin looking beautiful and radiant. Ancient Romans also made bathing a prominent ritual in their society and public baths were a common feature throughout many of the cities in the Roman Empire. 

The difference between a normal bath and a spiritual bath 

In society, a normal bath is often used for practical and personal hygiene reasons to wash off the day. A goddess bath, or a spiritual bath is different as it is considered to be a sacred ritual that is performed with a specific intention in mind. 

The benefits of a spiritual bath 

There are many spiritual and scientific benefits to taking a goddess bath. From a spiritual perspective, this ritual is an incredible self care practice that helps to reset your energy, raise your vibration, ground and cleanse your aura and increase your magnetism to enable you to draw your manifestations into you faster. From a scientific perspective studies have shown that using essential oil can help to boost your mood by reducing stress and increasing attentiveness. It has also been indicated that bathing in Epsom Salt can increase magnesium and sulfate levels in the body which may help to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety

Best times to take a spiritual bath 

While habits are something that you perform in your daily life, rituals such as goddess baths are often indulged in on a less frequent basis. While benefits can be found in taking a ritual bath at any time, many people opt to partake in them on spiritually significant days, such as on full or new moons or during peak dates such as the summer solstice. Taking a bath on these potent days enables you to tap into the powerful energies and can supercharge the potency. For example, a new moon is often associated with themes such as manifestation, new beginnings, and intentions, whereas full moons represent letting go and release. 

The Goddess Bath Ritual 

  1. To begin clear the space where the goddess bath ritual is to take place, if in a bathroom, ensure the room is clear and clean. You may wish to cleanse the space with either incense, palo santo, sage or a space mist. 
  2. During the goddess bath ritual the aim is to evoke all of your senses, therefore we recommend playing music or sound that makes you feel calm, you may wish to listen to a guided meditation or angelic healing frequencies. We also recommend lighting a candle or incense to tap into your sense of smell. 
  3. Set an intention, this can either be done by writing it down in your journal, speaking it outloud or thinking it in your mind. Take a moment to consider what you would like the intention of this ritual bath to be. An example may be that you wish to feel more peaceful, or you may wish to focus on something specific that you wish to manifest in your life. 
  4. Begin to pour your bath, you can add whatever you wish to this bath, perhaps crystal infused bath soak, or a bath bomb infused with essential oil or follow in Cleopatras footsteps by adding milk and honey. You can also add fresh flowers or put crystals into the bath, just be sure to check first that the crystals you’re using are water-safe. 
  5. Once the bath is filled to the top get in and allow yourself to soak, taking time to mindfully breathe and allow your thoughts to pass without attaching to them. While in the bath you may wish to enjoy further self care rituals such as applying essential oils to your pressure points or wearing a face mask. 
  6. When you have finished soaking, allow the water to drain away, as it does visualise any negative or heavy energies leaving your body and draining down the plug. 
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