The Ultimate New Years Eve Intention Setting Ritual

The Ultimate New Years Eve Intention Setting Ritual

As 2023 draws to a close and we enter into a fresh new year we are encouraged to turn our attention inwards and reflect upon all that we have experienced this past year and get crystal clear on all that we want to experience during the coming year. New Years Eve is considered a sacred day and we highly encourage taking time out to complete an intention setting ritual that will help you start the year in the most high vibrational way possible. If you are looking for some inspiration we have put together this simple yet highly powerful and effective new years ritual for you to try… 

Step One: Review the past year 

Before we charge ahead and set our new years intentions we must first look back on all that we’ve experienced during this past year to identify what has worked well and what feels out of alignment in all areas of life. To begin take out your favourite journal and write answers to the following questions for each area of your life: finances, career, friendships, romantic relationships, family, health, personal development and recreational time. 

How would I currently rate this area of my life out of 10? 

What has gone well in this area of my life during the past year? 

What challenges have I faced in this area of life during the past year? 

What would I need to make this area of my life a 10/10? 

What is the most important thing I could focus on during the next year that would help improve this area of my life? 

Step Two: Assess what you would like to experience during 2024 

Now that you have clarity on what you have experienced so far it is time to get clear on where you are headed during the next twelve months. When we have clarity the universe helps to conspire with us to make our dreams a reality. Now taking out a fresh page in your journal write down in each area of life (finances, career, friendships, romantic relationships, family, health, personal development and recreational time) what you would like to experience during 2024. Don’t censor yourself here, even if what you are writing down feels unrealistic allow yourself to write freely to see what comes up from your subconscious. 

Step Three: Choose your most important intention 

Looking back over what you have just written down read through and ask yourself the question ‘If one of these things were to come true during 2024 which would be the most transformational in moving my life forward?’. If you are struggling to pinpoint one thing spend some time journaling on this or ask yourself this question during meditation to tap into the wisdom from your higher self. 

Once you have chosen your one intention take out a Manifestation Ticket and complete the lines on the ticket to cement your goal. Place this ticket somewhere you will see it each day to be reminded of your intention. 

Step Four: Write your intention list 

Although your main focus for the year should be the intention that you finalised during step three, it is also important to identify the other intentions you wish to bring into fruition during the year. Oftentimes when we focus on one goal and achieve it, energetically this can create a snowball effect and our vibration can rise enabling us to achieve other goals more quickly. Looking back over the brainstorm answers you came up with during step two, pick out any other intentions that you’d like to manifest during 2024 and using a Clear Quartz Crystal Pen write each intention out on a fresh page in your journal. When writing out your intentions we recommend the following format ‘I am so grateful that I have started a new career in 2024, this role feels so aligned with my goals and makes me very happy’. Writing in the present tense and tapping into positive emotional states can help to supercharge our intentions and draw our manifestations to us faster. 

Step Five: Use candle magik to supercharge your intentions 

Working with candles during your manifestation ritual is a great way to connect to the energy of fire, which is all about power, action and harnessing our determination. It is not enough to simply set your intentions, sit back and wait for your manifestations to land on your doorstep. There is no attraction without action, therefore we have to do our part to ensure that the steps we are taking consistently are moving us closer towards and not further away from our intentions. Light an Aventurine Intention Candle which has a soothing vibration and as you stare into the flames read the intention list that you created during step four out loud. Once you have finished reading the list, continue to stare into the flames for a few moments and allow your mind to wander and visualise how you will feel when all of these intentions have come true in your life. 

Step Six: Ask the universe for divine guidance 

You can rest easy now knowing that you have done all that is required of you to set your intentions for the year. Although it will be necessary to continue to take action throughout the year to bring you closer to your goals, ultimately we need to learn to trust and work with the universe to enter a flow state and manifest more effortlessly. Close the ritual by opening an Oracle Fortune Cookie to see what wisdom the universe would like you to know today. 

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