Top 10 Crystals For Beginners


  • Amethyst 

  • Used for: Promoting serenity and calm 

    Chakra: Crown 

    Best way to cleanse: Under room temperature running water 

    Feng Shui uses: Try placing amethyst under your pillow or near your bed to help achieve a deeper and more restorative rest.

    Zodiac Sign: Aquarius 

    This stunning, rich purple crystal enhances control of our emotions, promoting a balanced mind. It reminds us that our sensitivities – when harnessed – can become our greatest allies. It is believed to help with a range of ailments and can help to ease headaches and insomnia. This protective stone can help to protect the user against negative energies. This highly spiritual stone can also enhance intuition and allow the user to tune into their higher self more easily. 


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  • Rose Quartz


    Used for: Promoting feelings of love

    Chakra: Heart

    Best way to cleanse: In a bowl of salt water 

    Feng Shui uses: Place Rose Quartz under your mattress or bed to help heal and open your heart chakra 

    Zodiac Sign: Libra and Taurus

    Rose Quartz is like a huge hug. It’ll ground you and slow everything down, helping you mellow out and be kind and compassionate to yourself. This stone enables you to stay in the present moment, allowing your worries to fade away. This healing stone can be used to help balance the heart chakra to allow love to flow. It is the stone most commonly associated with the love of all things and it can help to nurture existing relationships or attract new ones. 


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  • Citrine

  • Used for: Positivity, optimism and it is often used for manifesting abundance and new opportunities 

    Chakra: Solar Plexus

    Best way to cleanse: Using the smudging method with sage 

    Feng Shui uses: Attract more prosperity and positivity into your work life by placing a citrine stone near your work desk.

    Zodiac Sign: Scorpio, Aries, Gemini, Leo, and Libra

    This sunshine yellow crystal is all about success: Financial, professional or personal. Much like the sun burning through grey clouds, Citrine burns off negativity. This prosperous stone can be used to help manifest more abundance into your life by inspiring new ideas and aligned action. It is believed to attract more opportunities and joy into the life of the user. 


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  • Clear Quartz


    Used for: A high vibrational, healing stone that helps achieve clarity by clearing the mind, body and soul 

    Chakra: Crown

    Best way to cleanse: In a bowl of salt water 

    Feng Shui uses: Place it on your work desk to enhance mental clarity and focus while working. 

    Zodiac Sign: Pisces, Aries and Leo

    This enlightening stone emanates pure white light to help cleanse your energy, balance your chakras and energise your mind body and soul. It allows us to rise above the noise of daily chatter to a heightened state of connectivity with self and spirit. It is great to use during meditation as it is believed to create emotional stability and encourage mental clarity. This high vibrational stone is also believed to help boost the immune system with its healing properties. 


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  • Black Tourmaline 


    Used for: A protective stone that helps to ground and purify the emotional body of negative energy 

    Chakra: Root

    Best way to cleanse: In a bowl of dry brown rice 

    Feng Shui uses: Protect your home from unwanted energy by placing black tourmaline near your front door.

    Zodiac Sign: Libra, Taurus, Gemini and Capricorn 

    Black Tourmaline acts as a powerful protector. It shields the user from destructive and self-defeating thoughts. It will help you to start putting yourself first, instead of worrying about what other people think. It helps to rid the mind of any negative energies and thoughts like anxiety, anger and feelings of unworthiness. It is great to use during meditation as it is believed to ground the user into the present moment.


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  • Opalite 

  • Used for: A healing stone that amplifies optimism, serenity and communication abilities

    Chakra: Crown and Third Eye 

    Best way to cleanse: Expose it to sun or moonlight 

    Feng Shui uses: It is an excellent stone to put in your home or office to positively influence the environment 

    Zodiac Sign: Libra and Cancer 

    This beautiful milky, luminous stone helps to increase your personal power and boost self-esteem, enabling you to unleash your inner strengths and setting you up for success. It can be used to help clear the mind making it the perfect stone to use during meditation. It can help to improve communication on all levels, especially the spiritual.


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  • Malachite 

  • Used for: A transformative stone that offers protection and clears away negative energies 

    Chakra: Heart and Throat 

    Best way to cleanse: Using the smudging method with sage 

    Feng Shui uses: If you are starting a new job or opportunity place Malachite on your work desk 

    Zodiac Sign: Capricorn and Scorpio 

    We're all imperfect and this stone gives us the courage to be ourselves, without having to censor who we are to be attractive to another person or fit into a group. This stone may guide you through challenging situations or growth opportunities. This stone encourages transformation and can help to give you the courage to start a new opportunity or chapter in your life. 


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  • Angelite 

  • Used for: Helping to promote peace and serenity allowing you to develop spiritual connection and psychic abilities 

    Chakra: Throat, Third Eye and Crown 

    Best way to cleanse: Using the smudging method with sage 

    Feng Shui uses: Place Angelite in the centre of your home to create harmony and balance 

    Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

    To have relationships means to connect and in this beautiful, crazy age of technology, it's all too easy to reach out into life through your phone or through your computer. Consequently, there is always something missing from what we are seeking there. Call in the feathered touch of Angelite to remind you of your connections to people and life at a human level, to unblock your energy path, to raise your awareness and to allow you to walk through life with an open heart, an outstretched hand and at a tranquil and balanced pace.


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  • Aventurine

  • Used for: This stone is a great stone for manifesting prosperity 

    Chakra: Heart 

    Best way to cleanse: Under room temperature running water

    Feng Shui uses: Attract more prosperity into your work life by placing an aventurine stone near your work desk.

    Zodiac Sign: Libra, Cancer, Taurus, Pisces and Virgo 

    To receive and manifest opportunities you need to rewire your beliefs around self-worth, or you'll deflect opportunities as soon as they come your way. It's time to start believing you deserve abundance in all forms, including love. This crystal has come into your life to let you know that everything is possible, you just need to expand your belief system of what you deserve.


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  •  Carnelian 

  • Used for: This vibrant and energetic stone helps encourage action, passion and focus 

    Chakra: Sacral 

    Best way to cleanse: Under room temperature running water

    Feng Shui uses: Be inspired to take more action in your work life by placing a carnelian stone near your work desk.

    Zodiac Sign: Taurus, Cancer, Leo and Virgo

    Carnelian is a stone of action and it wants you to know that It's time to start making moves and creating opportunities for yourself. It's time for you to stand up, believe in yourself and be noticed. This high-energy stone can work to get you motivated to enable you to take aligned action. It is believed to provide effective protection against negative emotions such as envy, anger, and resentment. 

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