An introduction to Crystal Grids

An introduction to Crystal Grids




Have you ever scrolled on Pinterest or Instagram and come across beautifully curated images of crystals laid out in aesthetically pleasing designs? If so then you’ve likely stumbled across crystal grids. Although these grids are totally Instagram worthy they actually serve a more powerful purpose. Crystal grids are curated using a mix of crystals that energetically align with your intention. Placing these individual crystals into a grid format allows the unique energies to work together to help supercharge the power of your intention. 

If you are wanting to get started with crystal grids but don’t know where to begin, check out our simple four-step process below that will enable you to start creating powerful crystal grids with ease: 

  • Set your intention 

  • As with many spiritual practices intention is everything. Before you even set about creating your crystal grid get clear on why you want to do it in the first place. Perhaps you are looking to bring more abundance into your life, or more love. Or perhaps you want to help to supercharge your manifestations and bring them into your physical reality even quicker. If you’re struggling to find a clear intention, try dropping into a meditative state and asking yourself the question “why do I want to create this crystal grid?”. Sit in silence and focus on your breath and wait until clarity comes through. Once you feel confident in your intention, write it down in your favourite journal. 

  • Choose your shape 

  • Crystal grids come in many different shapes and sizes. Each shape carries with it a different energy. For example, square grids are all about setting boundaries, spirals are great for expansion and growth, and circle grids work well to create protection and amplify energy. If you are looking for some visual inspiration check out a platform such as Pinterest and save any shapes or layouts that catch your attention. 

  • Choose your crystals 

  • With your intention in mind find crystals that align with this energy. To make this easier for you we have curated crystals that work well with the following intentions, love, abundance, calm, protection and manifestation. Using the grid shape you have selected as inspiration, find crystals that are of a similar shape and size to recreate the design. You may also feel called to include natural resources such as flowers, seashells or feathers to help supercharge your grid. Before creating your grid ensure your crystals are cleansed and charged, you can find out how to do this in our ‘5 Ways To Cleanse Your Crystals’ blog post. 

  • Create your grid 

  • Now for the fun part, set some time aside out of your day to carry out this ritual. Choose a space within your home to create your grid, you may wish to cleanse the space first using either sage, palo santo or selenite. Perhaps put some peaceful music on or meditate first to allow yourself to create a calm state. Place the crystals slowly and intentionally into the grid shape you have chosen. Once you’ve finished state out loud your intention for your grid to help activate the crystals. For example, you may wish to say “May the energies from these crystals help to bring more love for myself and others into my life.” Voila, your crystal grid is now complete.  

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