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Amethyst Crystal Healing Beaded Ring - Calm, Clarity, Healing

Amethyst Crystal Healing Beaded Ring - Calm, Clarity, Healing

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Amethyst, revered as the "Stone of Spiritual Protection," is cherished for its capacity to promote inner peace, balance emotions, and amplify intuition. Adorn yourself with this necklace as a constant symbol of serenity, or integrate it into your meditation routine to deepen your connection to the spiritual realm.

Indulge in the tranquil essence of amethyst and enrich your aesthetic with our Faceted Amethyst Bead Ring. Embrace the seamless blend of style and crystal energy within this enchanting piece.

To soothe your soul with clarity and calm.
This stunning, rich purple crystal enhances control of our emotions, promoting a balanced mind. It reminds us that our sensitivities – when harnessed – can become our greatest allies.
  • Presented in a branded Two Libras Pouch with a crystal information card
  • 6cm 
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