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White Sage Protection Bundle with Selenite and Palo Santo

White Sage Protection Bundle with Selenite and Palo Santo

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Reset the energy in your life and welcome positivity into your space with the this Clearing + Protection Bundle set.

This powerful trio includes:

  • White sage smudge stick 4"
  • Selenite Stick 3-4"
  • Palo Santo Stick 3-4"
  • Hand tied together with chiffon ribbon

❤️ WHITE SAGE: Burning White Sage or "smudging" has been an ancient spiritual ritual for centuries. It is a cleansing ceremony to help people, places, or even objects get rid of negative energy or even bad spirits.

SELENITE: This versatile crystal is used for energy cleansing, mediation, healing and so much more. Also known as “liquid light”, selenite has the ability to clear blocked energy and access your intuition while elevating the spirit. Carry this crystal with you or wave it around your body to cleanse your aura and recharge your energy.

Simply light the Sage Stick over the abalone shell until a small flame forms then lightly blow out the flame.


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