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Evil Eye Heart - Protection & Positivity

Evil Eye Heart - Protection & Positivity

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Hang this evil eye heart in your car, on a door handle or wall for protection and positive vibes.

Each heart comes with it's own information card and the set comes presented in a Two Libras pouch, perfecting for gifting or travel.

Evil Eye
Protection and Positivity

In a world filled with energy and intentions, the captivating symbol of the Evil Eye has long been revered as a powerful talisman of protection and warding off negativity.

It is an ancient symbol found in many cultures across the globe. It is believed to possess the ability to deflect malevolent glances, warding off jealousy, ill wishes and negative energy.

This potent symbol serves as a shield, safeguarding our aura and maintaining a positive flow of energy.⁣⁠

  • Evil Eye Heart 
  • Gift/Travel Pouch 
  • Evil Eye Meaning Card
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