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Fluorite Heart Worry Thumb Stone

Fluorite Heart Worry Thumb Stone

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Carry this Fluorite worry stone in your pocket to take out and gently rub when you need to add a little loving energy to your day and reduce a little stress in the process. Worry stones are small, polished crystals or stones with indentations on one side to fit your thumb. They are used to help reduce stress and anxiety through the simple action of rubbing the indentation with your thumb.

For reducing noise and getting organised
When your head is in a spin, Fluorite may slow your overactive mind and declutter conflicting thoughts and ideas. Fluorite promotes the sharpening of the strongest tools in your kit - enhancing your learning, self-confidence, organisation and general ability to structure everyday life.

  • Approx. 4cm x 4cm

  • Crystal cleansed and charged on White Horse Hill.

  • Each Stone comes with a crystal meaning card presented in a Two Libras pouch.
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