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Good Luck - Aventurine Sentiment Stone

Good Luck - Aventurine Sentiment Stone

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The perfect little gift to wish a loved one Good Luck, our sentiment stones are palm sized so perfect for pockets, hand bags, bedside tables or desks.

Because your Stone is handmade and the stone is natural, it will vary slightly from the ones in the photos.


Prosperity, Manifestation, Self worth

To receive and manifest opportunities you need to rewire your beliefs around self-worth, or you'll deflect opportunities as soon as they come your way. It's time to start believing you deserve abundance in all forms, including love. This crystal has come into your life to let you know that everything is possible, you just need to expand your belief system of what you deserve.

  • Presented in one of our signature velvet pouches with its very own crystal meaning card

  • Stone approx. 4.5 x 3.5cm
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