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Love Crystal String Fairy Lights

Love Crystal String Fairy Lights

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Introducing our brand-new Crystal Lights, the perfect addition to your desk, headboard, dressing table, or any corner of your home where you seek peace, love and serenity. With these enchanting lights, you can bask in the gentle radiance while embracing the healing energies of three exquisite crystals.

"Today I notice and celebrate my light."

Rose Quartz: Infuse your space with the loving and healing energy of Rose Quartz. This crystal is renowned for promoting love, compassion, and romantic vibrations.

Celestite: Create an atmosphere of peace, harmony, and hope with Celestite. Let its tranquil energy soothe your soul and uplift your spirits.

Amethyst: Invite calm, intuition, and clarity into your surroundings with Amethyst. Its serene energy promotes relaxation and mental focus.

Product Details:

  • Presented in a stylish gift box.
  • Emits a warm and inviting light.
  • Includes 20 raw crystals, each approximately 1.5cm in size.
  • String length: 2 metres
  • 1 x Battery CR2032 included
  • Keep batteries and string lights away from children.

Elevate the ambiance of your space and infuse it with the positive energies of these beautiful crystals. Whether you're seeking love, serenity, or clarity, our Crystal Lights are here to illuminate your path.

Illuminate Your World. Embrace the Magic of Crystals.

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