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Luna Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks - Lavender Scented

Luna Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks - Lavender Scented

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Discover the calming powers of our award-winning Luna Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks that have been created to help you completely unwind all while drifting off into a relaxing slumber.  

Simply open your Luna Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask sachet and take out your mask, place it over your eyes and the heat will automatically start to activate delivering a soothing sensory sensation. These lavender sleep masks are perfect for those who have trouble sleeping or want to enjoy a pampering home spa experience. 

Each Luna Eye Mask contains blackout properties and can be worn all night and reused again with the heat.

Our Luna Eye Eye Masks have been hailed a sleep hero by beauty editors, have won an Asos Beauty Award 2022 and were most recently featured on ITV’s This Morning. 

Our Luna Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks Are Especially Good For: 

  • Helping you sleep thanks to the relaxing scent of Lavender 
  • Calming an overactive mind and melting away tension 
  • Taking you on a sensory sleep experience 
  • Helping restless sleepers or those that struggle with broken sleep patterns
  • When you require snooze-inducing darkness at home or while travelling
  • Soothing dry, puffy eyes
  • Being worn overnight 
  • Men and women 

The sleep-inducing lavender scent, combined with the gentle warmth of the mask, provides a relaxing sensation unlike any other. Tension magically melts away as tired and strained eyes are invited on a sensory sleep experience.  

How Do You Use a Self-Heating Eye Mask? 

  • Find a tranquil place to rest and recline 
  • Open the pouch and unfold your Luna Eyes Mask 
  • Gently place the Luna Eyes Mask over your eyes and fit the loops comfortably around your ears 
  • Within a couple of minutes, you’ll begin to feel a gentle sensation as the Luna Eyes Mask warms up 
  • Simply allow yourself to drift off as you enjoy approximately 25 minutes of deeply relaxing and soothing warmth 
  • If using on children (aged 5+), you may need to secure with an extra knot to tighten the loops - adult supervision advised while children wear the mask 
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