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Smoky Quartz - 14k Gold Plated Necklace

Smoky Quartz - 14k Gold Plated Necklace

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How better to raise your vibrations than with this beautiful Smoky Quartz necklace?

Smoky Quartz
Confidence, Empowerment, Protection.
Smoky Quartz is a protective, grounding crystal. It can be like that old friend who will tell you exactly how it is, the truth you knew deep down. Smoky Quartz can help you realise that challenges are transformative opportunities, the universe isn't against you, it's just nudging you to start doing things differently.
  • 14k gold plated sterling silver chain, clasp and pendent. 

  • Presented in one of our signature velvet pouches
  • Chain length: 16 inches
  • Pendent Size: approx 1cm
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