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Sunstone Crystal Bracelet - Energising, Confidence, Friendship

Sunstone Crystal Bracelet - Energising, Confidence, Friendship

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Embrace the enchanting crystal energy of our genuine Sunstone Bracelet, a radiant tribute to the warmth and vitality of the sun. Crafted with genuine crystal healing Sunstone beads, this bracelet emanates positive vibrations that beckon abundance, joy, and creativity into your life. Feel the uplifting vibes of Sunstone as it graces your wrist with elegance and positivity, empowering you to lead with confidence and seize life's opportunities.

Our Tiny bracelets are the perfect way to remind yourself of your intentions throughout the day. Wear on its own or stack with other crystal types to match your vibe.

Energising, Confidence, Friendship
You may be drawn to Sunstone if your being called to step into your power, it’s time to let your confidence shine trough so that people can really see what your capable of. Stop putting yourself in the shade. Activating your solar plexus and sacral chakras Sunstone can help with confidence in social situations.
  • Presented in one of our signature velvet pouches with its very own crystal meaning card

  • Bracelet Elastic length: 7 inches
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